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Child Pick Up Services

Services – Child pick up / drop off.

Update: we are now only servicing limited clients due to the pandemic, mainly in the area of district 16, 17, 18. To check your district map location, and refer to this postal code guide if you have difficulty locating your district.However, we do make exceptions – feel free to contact us.

Your Singapore Taxi is here to make your life simpler. We provide a comprehensive range of practical and convenient driver services that allow you to delegate significant daily chores such as picking up or delivering children to schools. After the age of three weeks

Invest time in the morning to have a more pleasant experience. Spend some quality time with your kids before they go off to school, or simply enjoy breakfast together as a family. Leave the early mornings and traffic to us; we’ll handle it.

We all desire the best for our children, and anything good comes at a cost. While things that are inexpensive aren’t always excellent, things that are expensive are seldom wonderful. Make a mental note of this today: if you share costs by carpooling kids who live in the same area (<3km), there is no cost!

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