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MySingaporeDriver is your reliable partner for child pick up service in Singapore. Our school pick up and drop off service is designed to provide a solution that ensures your child’s punctual and safe commute to and from school, in less time and giving you one less thing to worry about.

For many parents, ensuring their child arrives at school on time and is picked up safely can often conflict with work schedules or other commitments. Our service solves this problem by offering dependable, prompt, and secure private car service for school transportation, freeing you to focus on your day with peace of mind. 

Limited Slots Available: Please note that if you do not receive a response from us, it indicates that all available slots have been filled.  

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How Does MySingaporeDriver's Child School Pick Up and Drop Off Services in Singapore Work?

We are aware that for many working parents, managing professional obligations while also after school care and ensuring their children are safely and promptly transported to and from school can be a time-consuming task. This is especially true if they don’t own a car. We address this issue by offering a dedicated private driver pick up services from school service designed to save you valuable time and offer peace of mind.

With our child pick up service, we prioritize your child’s safety and comfort. We understand that having a familiar face is important for your child’s sense of security and comfort. Thus, we provide the same driver for your kids, ensuring a consistent and comfortable experience for your child.

However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. In cases where the assigned driver is unable to provide the pick-up, we have a ready pool of professionally trained and fully vetted drivers available to act as backup. This guarantees that your child’s school commute remains uninterrupted and reliable, even in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Some key features of our School Pick Up Services


Flexible Timings

At MySingaporeDriver, we understand that your schedule can change and unexpected situations can arise. We work closely with you to arrange and provide school pick up get-up and drop-off timings that align seamlessly with your child's schedule, ensuring that they are always on time for school and promptly picked up after.

Trained and Experienced Drivers'

Safety is our top priority. We employ only the most professional, trained, and experienced drivers for our child pick up points take-up service. They experience in navigating the roads of Singapore efficiently ensures that your child arrives at their destination promptly and securely.

Safe and Comfortable Vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles is chosen with your child's safety and comfort in mind. Each car is modern, well-maintained, and equipped with necessary safety features such as child safety locks and seat belts. We regularly inspect and clean our vehicles to ensure they provide a comfortable, pleasant ride for your child.

Real-Time Monitoring & Prompt Updates

For added peace of mind, we let you keep track of your child and private car's location and the route the trip is being taken, ensuring you are always in the know. Providing you an additional layer of security and allows you to stay connected with your child's commute.


Affordable Rates

Despite offering a very premium transportation service, we believe that every parent should be able to provide safe and reliable transportation for their children. Our rates are competitive, ensuring you receive top-notch service without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing structure means there are no hidden fees - you only pay for the service you use. This helps you manage your transportation budget effectively.

Moreover, we strive to keep prices and provide a service that balances cost and comfort effectively. We understand that while every parent wants the best for their child, managing finances efficiently is equally important. Our service is priced competitively, ensuring you get the best value for your money.


Daily and Monthly Recurring Transportation for School

In the rush of daily life, arranging reliable pick up for your kid every morning can add to the stress and hassles you face. We understand that as a busy parent, finding the time to drive your child to and from school or booking a full carpool for each day can be both time-consuming and mentally exhausting. This is the point where MySingaporeDriver steps in.

Our child pick-up transport service, offers both daily and monthly recurring Point to Point transportation for school, providing a reliable solution to your child’s school commute. We’ve designed our own transport service, to take the burden of school transport and management off your shoulders. This means you no longer need to worry about the daily task of arranging rides or dealing with the inconvenience of last-minute changes.


Reliable Daily School pick up transportation

At MySingaporeDriver, we do more than just provide a ride; we handle everything from planning the kids’ whole trip and optimal route to ensuring your child gets to school on time, and most importantly, safely. We take into consideration the school timings, traffic conditions around schools, and the quickest routes, ensuring punctuality and a smooth ride every day.

Combining convenience with peace of mind, our service takes away the constant fatigue of daily school transport and management. You’ll have more time for yourself and the confidence of knowing that your child is in good hands. Our experienced drivers, high safety standards, and real-time tracking ensure a stress-free, secure commute for your child every day.

Trust MySingaporeDriver to provide daily or monthly recurring transportation services for school that guarantees your child arrives safe and on time. Let us manage the logistics so you can focus on what’s really important.

Private Car Service/Private School Limousine Services vs Public Transport and School Bus

Private car service is a great choice for school pick-ups as opposed to public transport, train, and bus services! 

Benefits of private to provide private school and pick up car service are displayed in the table below:


Private Car Service

Public Transport

School Bus Service





Personalized Attention
















Limitations of School Bus Services


School bus services although may seem more cost-effective, have quite a few drawbacks. These include:

  • limited routes
  • limited capacity
  • fixed schedules
  • strict pick-up/drop-off points
  • lack of customization options
  • inefficient management/communication systems

And, don’t forget maintenance and driver availability.

According to today online, many parents of students in schools in Singapore were unhappy with school bus services in other schools in the same area. Reason being: limitations, safety, and convenience concerns.

Drawbacks of Taxi Services or Ride-Hailing Apps


Taxi services and ride-hailing apps do also have some drawbacks worth considering which could also impact your child’s morning journey to school.

  • Unreliable drivers: they may be unprofessional, arrive late, or cancel without warning.
  • Surge pricing: This means you may pay more during busy times, which is frustrating.
  • Difficulty in getting a ride: In busy places or bad weather, it may be hard to get one.
  • Safety concerns: Drivers are vetted, but still, there could be issues. Stay alert.
  • Lack of personal touch: You rely solely on tech, so it’s impersonal.
  • Limited coverage areas: In more out-of-reach areas (ie. Sentosa), these services may not be available.

These drawbacks won’t always be offset by convenience. Consider alternatives like private car hire or pre-arranged transportation, which offer more reliable and personalised solutions.

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why people put trust in mysingaporedriver

Tony Baroussa

I used my Singapore driver on a business trip visiting customers.

Drivers were on time, waited for me during my meetings then take me to the next one, and the cars were clean. Maverick suggested pickup times to allow for traffic in the morning so I’d make it on time.
Will use again next time I’m in town.

Adel Benteftifa

Used them for 6 weeks of travel in a remote area. Super professional, friendly, and always arrived early. Very good English, no issues with communication.


Fareed, I'm really thankful and appreciate your help and service all this while for my daughter's safety from fetching and sent her to my mum's place. You did good and assured us on our daughter safety. Thank you again, sincerely from Anisha's mother. Insya Allah we may need your service again in future.

Thank you MySingaporeDriver team as you had made us both at ease and stressless for the past few days. We hope to use your good company again in the future as your team had really done a tremendous good job. Thank you again Maverick.


Yes service has been great. Thanks. Viknesh is on time each day and a good communicator. Please let him know we appreciate it all.Kids feel comfortable with him too.

Kylie O'Connell

Great communication and very prompt. Made our days very easy.

Drivers were on time, waited for me during my meetings then take me to the next one, and the cars were clean. Maverick suggested pickup times to allow for traffic in the morning so I’d make it on time.
Will use again next time I’m in town.


Very polite driver who arrived on time, clean and comfy car and great service. Thank you for your help!

Jenna Tan

Reasonable price and responsible service. Helped to send my helper to airport n assisted in checkin.

Also engaged them to fetch my helper from airport when she returned last month.

Highly recommended!


The price was very reasonable. The drivers were very responsible, even though my flight had landed 30 mins before the driver was already there waiting for me which was very professional. I really liked the service and will use it again

What Sets MySingaporeDriver School Transportation Service Apart?

Our fleet of vehicles is another aspect that distinguishes us. Each car in our fleet is regularly serviced, well-maintained, and comes equipped with modern amenities to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Moreover, each transport allow parents to monitor their child’s transport in real-time, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Punctuality is key in our private pick up services to schools. Our drivers are well-versed with Singapore’s roadways and traffic patterns, allowing them to select the most efficient routes to ensure timely arrivals for school and extracurricular activities.

In addition to the kids’ daily school runs and buses, we also take students and provide transportation for extracurricular school activities, and field trips. We aim to be a comprehensive solution for all your child’s transportation needs.

Lastly, we take pride in our customer support. Our team is available 24/7, ready to assist you with any concerns, changes, or special requirements for your child. We value open communication and aim to understand your child’s unique needs before we start the service. This way, we can tailor our service to meet their specific requirements.

With MySingaporeDriver, not only will your child feel safe and comfortable, but even their imaginary friend would approve of our impeccable service! Trust in our commitment to providing a reliable, secure, and comfortable school transportation experience.

Safe and Reliable Private Cars for Your Child's School Pick Up and Drop Off Service

When it comes to providing a safe and comfortable journey for your child, MySingaporeDriver school transportation service is a cut above the rest. Our commitment to safety, comfort, and reliability sets us apart in the industry.

Safety is at the forefront of our services. We ensure this by meticulously selecting our drivers through a thorough background check. Each driver is then professionally trained, not just in safe driving practices, but also in how to interact and engage effectively with young passengers. The consistent driver assignment builds a sense of familiarity and trust between your child and their regular driver too.

Carpooling Options for School Transportation

At MySingaporeDriver, we understand the diverse needs of our customers and continually strive to offer practical, convenient solutions. One such solution is our carpooling service for school transportation. We allow parents within close proximity or with similar drop-off routes to share a ride among their children, offering an efficient and cost-effective option.

Carpooling in Singapore presents numerous benefits, for example, and here are five points to consider:

Cost-effectiveness: Transport sharing allows families to share the expenses, resulting in significant savings on fuel and transportation costs. It’s a smart way to maximize resources without compromising service quality.

Reduced traffic: With fewer cars on the road during peak hours, carpooling reduces congestion around schools. It leads to smoother, faster trips and a less stressful start to the school day for both parents and children.

Socializing: Sharing a ride to class with classmates can enhance your child’s social experience. It provides them with an opportunity to interact, make friends, and strengthen connections outside the school environment.

Environmentally friendly: By reducing the number of cars on the road, carpooling significantly reduces carbon emissions, contributing to a healthier atmosphere and a more sustainable future.

Time-saving: Carpooling eliminates the need for parents to make multiple trips for drop-offs and pick-ups after school care, freeing up valuable time in their busy schedules.

Limited Slots Available: Please note that if you do not receive a response from us, it indicates that all available slots have been filled.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our School Transport Services

How does a school pick up and drop off service provide an alternative to school bus transportation?

A school pick up and drop off service offers an alternative to traditional school bus and public transportation, by providing private transportation for children to and from school. This service eliminates the need for children to take public transportation or rely on school buses, offering parents a more convenient and personalized option.

What are the advantages of using a school pick up and drop off service in Singapore?

Engaging a school pick up and drop off service in Singapore offers several benefits. These include convenience for parents, as they do not have to worry about transportation arrangements or waking up early. It also provides privacy for the child, as there is no sharing of vehicles with other parents or students, and it saves time by taking a direct route without any detours.

Can parents have control over the timing of the pick up and drop off with a school pick up and drop off service?

Yes, parents have full control over the timing of their trip starts the pick up and drop off with a school pick up and drop off service. They can determine the scheduled timing based on their child’s needs and their own schedule. This flexibility allows parents to plan their day more effectively in less than three weeks’ time.

Is the child pick-up service available for children of all ages?

Yes, the child pick-up service caters to children and students of all ages, from preschoolers to teenagers. The service can be tailored to accommodate the specific needs and preferences of both younger kids and older children.

How much does the child pick-up service cost?

The cost of the child pick-up service may vary depending on factors such as distance, frequency, age, and additional requirements. It is recommended to contact the service provider directly to inquire about pricing details and any available packages or discounts.

Can this services be used for other recurring or routines trips?

Yes, our recurring services are also most commonly used for medical escort services where we transport eldery or disabled individuals for medical appointmens such as dialysis, demential care, physio therapy …etc.

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