Outsourced Personal Driver Services Singapore

Hiring a personal driver through our platform eliminates the hassle of traditional employment issues like managing annual leaves, benefits, and more. We have a ready pool of professional drivers at your disposal. This way, even if your assigned driver cannot make it for some reason, we ensure that your schedule remains uninterrupted by providing you access to an alternate driver swiftly.

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What is My Singapore Driver's Outsourced PD Services

At My Singapore Driver, our Outsourced Personal Driver (PD) services are strategically designed to address the dynamic transportation requirements of corporate clients. We shoulder the responsibility of providing a proficient and dedicated driver, removing the time-consuming process and worry of hiring one yourself.

When you utilize our Outsourced PD services, you’re choosing a seamless, efficient transport experience. The drivers we assign are rigorously vetted and trained, holding qualifications that go beyond just excellent driving skills. Their excellent driving skills, depth of knowledge about efficient route planning, and traffic management, and their familiarity with Singapore’s geography can greatly enhance your transport experience.

We understand that corporate clients have unique and often immediate transportation needs. That’s why our services are flexible – we work around your schedule, not the other way around. Our personal drivers are skilled at adapting to your changing itineraries, ensuring you stay on track no matter how unpredictable your day or week or office call may be.

Whether you need to get to back-to-back meetings, host clients, or attend a variety of hours of social engagements and events, our Outsourced PD services ensure your transport needs are met with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free and safe transportation solution that lets you focus on your business.

Find a personal driver tailored to your unique needs with My Singapore Driver. Consider us as an extension of your team, always ready to get you where you need to be.

Can we just hire an Outsourced Personal Drivers (PD) to drive our existing vehicle?

At My Singapore Driver, we understand that our corporate clients often have a preferred vehicle or company car that they are comfortable with driving and would like to use for special occasions. Our Outsourced Personal Driver (PD) services are flexible enough to cater to this requirement.

We take pride in our ability to adapt to your needs. You can hire our professionally trained and experienced personal drivers to operate your existing vehicle. This means you can enjoy the comfort and familiarity of your own car while leaving the responsibility of driving to our skilled PD.

This service is not only convenient but also brings a sense of personalisation and familiarity, as the vehicle is yours or your company’s. Rest assured, our personal drivers respect your vehicle as they would for their own, ensuring it is driven with care and returned in the same condition as when they first took the wheel. Simply put, our outsourced PD service allows you to ‘hire a driver to drive your car’, providing the expertise and convenience of a personal driver without the need to adapt your driving skills to a new vehicle or road conditions. This level of flexibility is just one of the ways My Singapore Driver aims to provide bespoke and customer-centric services.

What if we don't have a vehicle and would like one to be included together with the driver?

No car? No worries! Need a chauffeur and vehicle? We got you covered! We understand the importance of providing comprehensive solutions for our clients. So, we offer services with professional drivers and meticulously maintained vehicles. The cars are serviced regularly for optimal performance and safety.

Plus, you get to pick the vehicle you want! Luxury sedans? Check. Spacious family SUVs? Check.

We strive to provide convenience, reliability, and peace of mind to our clients. Our outsourced personal driver services in Singapore let you choose the wheels that suit your style. Enjoy seamless transportation without the hassle of owning or renting a car!


What is the main difference between an Outsource PD vs a Full Time Hire?

The main difference between an Outsourced Personal Driver (OPD) and a Full-Time Hire is in flexibility, costs, and management. This section will explain these distinctions.

See below for a table outlining the key differences between an OPD and a Full-Time Hire.


Outsource PD

Full-Time Hire


Access when needed

Fixed working hours


Pay per use

Fixed monthly salary


Outsourcing company manages

Employer directly manages


MySingaporeDrive's Outsourced PD Services

MySingaporeDriver provides the most flexible solution that you would need.


With an Outsourced PD from My Singapore Driver, you have the freedom to tailor the service based on your specific needs and schedule. You can utilize our driver services when you need them, be it daily, weekly, or for ad hoc events. A full-time hire, however, requires a fixed commitment part time driver, regardless of your varying transport needs.


Hiring a full-time driver can involve significant costs, including a monthly salary, CPF contributions, and other benefits as required by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) laws. You also need to account and pay for periods when the driver is on annual leave or medical leave. In contrast, with an Outsourced PD, you only pay for the service when you use it, making it a more cost-efficient option for many companies.


Managing a full-time employee involves considerable administrative work, such as payroll processing, scheduling, and performance evaluations. With an Outsourced PD, My Singapore Driver takes care of all the management aspects, freeing you to focus on your core job and business operations.

Benefits of Outsourced PD Services?

Outsourced Personal Driver Services Singapore offer many perks. Convenience, cost-effectiveness, and reliability make it an attractive option for many individuals. Utilize these services and enjoy the benefits of dedicated and professional private drivers here, without the hassle of hiring and managing them.

Benefits include:

  • Convenience: Outsource a driver and focus on tasks or relax during travel, and save time and effort.
  • Cost-effectiveness: No need for long-term commitments and overhead costs.
  • Reliability: Professional chauffeur companies employ skilled drivers who go through rigorous training and background checks.
  • Flexibility: Customize your travel arrangements according to your needs.
  • Peace of mind: Have a trusted driver knowledgeable about local routes for reassurance.
  • Luxury experience: Luxurious vehicles with amenities to enhance your comfort.

At My Singapore Driver, we understand that every client has unique transportation needs. This is particularly true when it comes to scheduling and managing daily logistics. We believe in creating a hassle-free experience for you, from your first contact with us to the daily rides you’ll have with our professional drivers.

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why people put trust in mysingaporedriver

Tony Baroussa

I used my Singapore driver on a business trip visiting customers.

Drivers were on time, waited for me during my meetings then take me to the next one, and the cars were clean. Maverick suggested pickup times to allow for traffic in the morning so I’d make it on time.
Will use again next time I’m in town.

Adel Benteftifa

Used them for 6 weeks of travel in a remote area. Super professional, friendly, and always arrived early. Very good English, no issues with communication.


Fareed, I'm really thankful and appreciate your help and service all this while for my daughter's safety from fetching and sent her to my mum's place. You did good and assured us on our daughter safety. Thank you again, sincerely from Anisha's mother. Insya Allah we may need your service again in future.

Thank you MySingaporeDriver team as you had made us both at ease and stressless for the past few days. We hope to use your good company again in the future as your team had really done a tremendous good job. Thank you again Maverick.


Yes service has been great. Thanks. Viknesh is on time each day and a good communicator. Please let him know we appreciate it all.Kids feel comfortable with him too.

Kylie O'Connell

Great communication and very prompt. Made our days very easy.

Drivers were on time, waited for me during my meetings then take me to the next one, and the cars were clean. Maverick suggested pickup times to allow for traffic in the morning so I’d make it on time.
Will use again next time I’m in town.


Very polite driver who arrived on time, clean and comfy car and great service. Thank you for your help!

Jenna Tan

Reasonable price and responsible service. Helped to send my helper to airport n assisted in checkin.

Also engaged them to fetch my helper from airport when she returned last month.

Highly recommended!


The price was very reasonable. The drivers were very responsible, even though my flight had landed 30 mins before the driver was already there waiting for me which was very professional. I really liked the service and will use it again

What is the procedure to hire our personal driver service?

Our Outsourced Personal Driver (PD) service works in a simple, streamlined manner:

Initial Consultation

Reach out to us with your requirements. This could be a regular commute, transportation for business meetings, or other specific needs. Our team is ready to listen and understand your unique situation.

Personalized Planning

Based on your requirements, we develop a customized transportation plan. This involves mapping out the most efficient routes and schedules, and matching you with a professional driver who understands your needs. Our goal is to optimize your time and convenience.

Seamless Execution

Once the plan is in place, your Outsourced PD will show up at the scheduled time and place, ready to make your travels smooth and stress-free. Whether you have a critical business meeting or a casual outing, you, family and friends can rely on us to get you there on time.

Flexible Adjustments

We understand that your needs may change over time. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to adjust your plan as needed. Need to change your pick-up time or add a new regular destination? No problem. We’re here to accommodate your changing needs.

Consistent Support

Our customer support team is always just a phone call or an email away, ready to assist you with any concerns or questions.vices that provide convenience, speed and reliability. So, hire away with confidence!

What is the policy if I want to hire the outsourced personal driver into my company?

At My Singapore Driver, we believe in the power of flexibility and the importance of meeting our clients’ unique needs. This understanding extends to situations where a client may wish to transition an outsourced driver into a full-time employee within their own company.

We recognize that over time, our drivers can become integral parts of your team. They understand your daily routines, preferences, and needs better than anyone else. Consequently, a natural bond forms that can lead to the desire for a more permanent arrangement.

In such cases, we are open to discussions about permanent placement. Our policy is to handle such situations on a case-by-case basis. We realize that every client’s needs are different, and we are committed to finding a solution that serves everyone’s best interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Outsourced PD Services

What happens if my outsourced personal driver falls sick or can't make it on a particular day?

In case of illness or unavailability of your outsourced personal driver on a given day, week or location, don’t worry. We have a plan! Our service uses a big network of trained and dependable drivers. We quickly find a new replacement who meets your needs. This way, you still get a professional personal driver. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of our services without any disruption.

How do outsourced personal driver services work?

When you arrange to hire an outsourced personal driver service in Singapore, you will typically have a dedicated driver assigned to you. They will drive you to your desired location or destinations, wait for you if needed, and provide a safe and comfortable journey.

How can I book an outsourced personal driver in Singapore?

You can book an outsourced personal driver in Singapore through by simply using the contact form or number on the website. Let us know your requirements and we will advice and adapt accordingly.

Are outsourced personal driver services available for both short and long-distance travel?

Yes, most outsourced personal driver services in Singapore are available for both short and long-distance travel. Whether you need a driver for a single trip or for an extended period, you can find services that cater to your specific needs.

Are you a driver looking to personal driver jobs?

Simply contact us using the contact form or call us and we will arrange something for you.

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